On-water Season: We hit the water in late April through late September

Dry-land: Dryland training starts in November and continues until we hit the water again!

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2024 TNSW Weight Test

Group Running

During the Fall and Spring we meet as a team once a week at a track to train cardio endurance. Three times throughout the dry-land season we test at various distances: 400m, 1200m and 6K.

Fall Training

In addition to running, we have homework! Our take-home weight and cardio programs augment our group training and are required by all our athletes..

OC1 Training

As part of our on-water training we incorporate OC1 practices on Friday mornings. OC1 is time-trialed a minimum of twice per season at 150m and 300m distances..

OC1 Camp

We aim to provide two OC Training camp opportunities - one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Dragon Boat Practice

What we’re all here for! We train together in the boat twice per week, alongside our sister teams True North Premier Women and True North SLP, from Sunnyside Paddling Club. (The sunrises are spectacular!)

Paddle ERG Training

We train Paddle ERG once a week as a team at Alkame Paddle Zone in Pickering. Paddle ERG is time-trial tested twice at 2’min and 4’min all-out efforts.